Australian Business Coaches – What the difference between good and great?

Australian Business Coaches – What the difference between good and great?

Australian Business Coaches – what’s the difference between good and great?

Like many professions there can be a big difference in the results you can get from one Australian Business Coach to the other.

Yeh sure… a good business coach will seek to understand your business, your prospects and even your customer demographics.

They’ll understand your numbers and discover some hidden profits.

They’ll even recognize opportunities and give you the right steps to take to achieve the goals you set together.

But a great business coach in today’s economy must know so much more to help their client achieve financial freedom in 5 years or less…

A great business coach understands SEO, PPC, Re-Marketing, Custom Audiences, and Social Ads.

They know how important it is for your business to be on the first page of Google… in fact you should search their own name and see how many first page listings they have on the first page of Google themselves.

A great business coach can help you master social media.

And not just give you a nice looking facebook page – but they’ll give you the exact steps for converting fans and followers into customers and clients. We call this social media conversions.

A great business coach will be your sales and marketing mastermind.

This does not mean they’ll be using the “old-school” out-dated sales techniques, phrases and scripts that never worked anyway – they’ll be able to show you how to build relationships in the information age.

They’ll show you how to build your brand and dominate online – exactly where your prospects are looking. They’ll know how to automate your marketing and build a pipeline that makes money for you whether you go to work or not!

A great business coach can show you how to increase your sales quickly and easily… because they have done it many times before in their own online and offline businesses.

And you won’t find a great business coach on O-Desk, ELance or Fivrr – and there’s a good reason for that.

They don’t need to be… and that’s why you want them working for your business!

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Cameron Roberts

Business Consultant. I help my clients Scale with Systems that Attract, Nurture, Sell, and Serve their Customers. at C.A.M. ROBERTS Enterprises Pty Ltd
Cameron provides Business Consulting and Marketing Implementation Services to Small to Medium Business Owners that are ready to scale with Predictable, Profitable and Proven Growth Driven Business Systems.

It’s his unmatched expertise in this area, that help his clients create massively successful businesses and achieve their revenue goals in months not years. When he is not teaching others how to achieve success quickly, you can find him with his family, or walking his Golden Retriever, "Summer"
Cameron Roberts
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