Ep: 127 Expert Podcast Interview with Dr. Lizette Ojeda

Ep: 127 Expert Podcast Interview with Dr. Lizette Ojeda

“Dr. Lizette Ojeda –  How To Captivate The Attention Of Your Ideal Client”

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Episode 127: “How To Captivate The Attention Of Your Ideal Client” – expert Podcast interview with Dr. Lizette Ojeda. #ondeckwithcam Podcast Time 20:08 min in Total.

Listen now or Download using the links above. Cameron’s guest speaker today is Dr Lizette Ojeda from //drlizette.com/

Dr. Lizette helps coaches step up with confidence in their zone of genius, get inside their ideal client’s mind, and dominate their niche using proven psychology strategies.  She leverages her experiences as a tenured psychology professor; award-winning behavioural scientist, licensed psychologist, and consultant to help women get known as the go-to coach. Dr. Lizette is a nationally recognised expert on human psychology with over 15 years of experience deconstructing why people do what they do. She is one of the few psychology experts in the industry with a comprehensive background that includes training doctoral-level students, publishing scientific research, and practising as a licensed psychologist. Dr. Lizette loves empowering women to build a business that gives them the freedom to live their life their way. She is the first in her family to even attend high school. Further, her high school counsellor told her to just go to beauty school. Instead of listening to her, she went on to receive a PhD in Psychology and has reached levels of success that only 2% of women like her have achieved.

Lizette has been published in scientific journals and co-authored in academic books.  She has also been featured on multiple podcasts!

Key show note points include:

  • Why being “polished” may be hurting your brand
  • How to move people from Pain To Gain
  • The THREE Emotional Triggers for attracting your ideal client
  • How to make yourself Stand Out from the CROWD
  • The Best Social Media Platforms for attracting your ideal client AND What to do on them
  • What is “Buyer Phycology” and how it impacts your business
  • Why BUYERS are more Sceptical than ever and WHAT you can do to LOWER their Sceptical Radar
  • And much more…

Click HERE to download Dr. Lizette’s “The Psychology of Client Attraction™ Checklist: 4 Steps to Captivate Your Ideal Client’s Heart” You can also contact Dr. Lizette Ojeda at //drlizette.com/contact/

And more…


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