Ep: 43 Brett-Meadows-how-to-achieve-spectacular-results-in-selling

Coach Cameron Roberts

Ep: 43 Brett-Meadows-how-to-achieve-spectacular-results-in-selling

How to Achieve Spectacular Results in Selling with Sales Coach and Gitomer Certified Advisor, Brett Meadows

bretBrett grew up in a middle class family and at their dinner table conversations he was told go find a nice safe job with a nice safe salary. But that just wasn’t for him. Brett launched his sales carrier in the garment industry in Toronto and Vancouver Canada moving into the Food Broad-line Distribution business for a leading fortune 500 company and quickly became a superstar Sales Representative, Business Developer & Sales Manager.

In 2013 Brett found his calling – training and coaching sales teams and business owners on how to increase their sales and make more profit. He founded Meadows Performance and shares his passion and strategies for success with businesses worldwide and in the classroom. Brett is a writer, blogger, Tweeter, Instagrammer and YouTuber. He is online and on the money.

To connect with Brett go to…

Web: www.brettmeadows.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/brettcmeadows
Facebook: www.facebook.com/meadowsperformance

#OnDeckWithCoachCameron – Podcast Show: Ep: 43 20mins

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Cameron Roberts
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Cameron Roberts

Business Consultant. I help my clients Scale with Systems that Attract, Nurture, Sell, and Serve their Customers. at C.A.M. ROBERTS Enterprises Pty Ltd
Cameron provides Business Consulting and Marketing Implementation Services to Small to Medium Business Owners that are ready to scale with Predictable, Profitable and Proven Growth Driven Business Systems.

It’s his unmatched expertise in this area, that help his clients create massively successful businesses and achieve their revenue goals in months not years. When he is not teaching others how to achieve success quickly, you can find him with his family, or walking his Golden Retriever, "Summer"
Cameron Roberts
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