Ep: 70 How To Build A Marketing Funnel Framework

Coach Cameron Roberts

Ep: 70 How To Build A Marketing Funnel Framework

How To Build A Marketing Funnel Framework for your Business

#OnDeckWithCoachCameron – Podcast Show: Ep 70 How To Build A Marketing Funnel Framework by Coach Cameron Roberts – 18min Podcast.

Discover what a marketing funnel or sales pipeline is and what it looks like.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs don’t know how to effectively get more leads and convert customers

AVOID the “hard close” of sales and selling!

If you have to “close hard” in the sales process – you have not built enough of the relationship with your prospects.

This is why funnel marketing is so effective. It allows you to develop and nurture your prospects and customers – systematically and automatically.

Step 1: Cameron talks about getting Traffic and  3 types of Traffic that is available to anyone!

Step 2: Cameron talks about what you have NO control over when building your framework

Step 3: Cameron talks about the top of the funnel and how to capture your prospects details

Step 4: Cameron talks about split testing and the different types of pages to use for your marketing funnel

Step 5: Cameron talks about how to position yourself as the obvious choice in the marketplace and how to solve part of people’s problems

Step 6: Cameron talks about what the first sale is – and it’s not what you think it is!!!

Step 7: Cameron talks about the “Second Sale” – how to make it work for your business. Real examples are given!

Step 8: Advanced Funnel Marketing Framework strategies for boosting sales by 50%-100% in the next 6 to 18 months.

In this podcast episode, Coach Cameron explains the how anyone can improve sales conversions by creating a marketing funnel – this framework will help you build it out quickly and easily.

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To your success,
Cameron Roberts

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