Ep: 77 The 5 Steps To Getting 500 Webinar Attendees

Coach Cameron Roberts

Ep: 77 The 5 Steps To Getting 500 Webinar Attendees

The 5 Steps To Getting 500 Webinar Attendees

#OnDeckWithCoachCameron – Podcast Show: Ep 77 The 5 Steps To Getting 500 Webinar Attendees by Coach Cameron Roberts – 22min Podcast.

Are you making big money from webinars yet?

If you’re not doing full webinars you’re leaving huge amounts of money on the table. Like seminars, webinars are the perfect tool for selling your products and services by adding massive value to the attendees while positioning yourself and your business as the experts.

Would you like to know the 5 Steps for getting 500 Webinar Attendees?
Here are the 5 steps that are covered in this podcast episode:

  1. Create topical newsworthy subjects (and how to find what people want)
  2. Craft Headlines and Copywriting that pulls people in
  3. Create a Webinar Funnel that converts like crazy
  4. Get a Big Backend Ready (This is where you make the money)
  5. Automate and Systemize the whole thing so you don’t have to chase people up.

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To your success,
Cameron Roberts

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Cameron Roberts

Business Consultant. I help my clients Scale with Systems that Attract, Nurture, Sell, and Serve their Customers. at C.A.M. ROBERTS Enterprises Pty Ltd
Cameron provides Business Consulting and Marketing Implementation Services to Small to Medium Business Owners that are ready to scale with Predictable, Profitable and Proven Growth Driven Business Systems.

It’s his unmatched expertise in this area, that help his clients create massively successful businesses and achieve their revenue goals in months not years. When he is not teaching others how to achieve success quickly, you can find him with his family, or walking his Golden Retriever, "Summer"
Cameron Roberts
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