The 21 Question To Ask A Business Coach

Business Coach Questions

A Business Coach can show you how to bank the hidden money in your business that you never knew existed.

They will show you how to increase sales, lower expenses, attract more customers and align your sales and marketing systems.

But, let’s face it…

Business Coaches, Business Consultants, and Business Advisers seem to be a dime a dozen these days, so how do you know if the Business Coach you are considering working with is right for you and your business?

Here are 21 Questions to ask your Business Coach before you decide to work with them…

Business Coach Question #1

“Have You Ever Run Your Own Business?”

Seems obvious right?

An Expert Business Coach is someone that already has the runs on the board, and has managed their own successful business models,at some point.

Unfortunately, there are many “pretend” Business Coaches out there–those who have never employed anyone else other than themselves.

You want to make certain you align yourself with a Business Coach that’s been successful in running their own business, employing people, creating systems, negotiating with suppliers, and overcoming the day-to-day challenges of running a business.

Look for someone that with a proven track record in Business Success.

If your Business Coach has run multiple business models, employed more than 20 people at one time, and serviced more than 1000 clients each and every week, you know you’re speaking to the right person.

Business Coach Question #2

“Have You Won Any Awards In Business?”

Anyone can do a Business Coaching Course… but it takes a special kind of Business Leader to win business awards.

In most cases you’d expect these Business Awards to have been voted for by their customers or clients in the local community, not by some peer group, coaching franchise or business network group.

A Business Coach with years of Community Awards in local Business is someone who can help you position your brand, grow your sales, and elevate you as a leader in your local industry.

Business Coach Question #3

“Are You A Certified Business Coach?

In the Information Age, it’s important that your Business Coach is not only certified to give advice as a Business Coach or Business Mentor, but they are also certified in other areas like Sales, Conversions, and Digital Marketing.

A modern day Business Coach who someone that is certified in Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation, Paid Advertising, and Sales Enablement, so they can equip your business to fill your pipeline with new leads and convert those leads to new customers, clients and raving fans.

Business Coach Question #4

“Can You Read QuickBooks, MYOB or Xero?”

Another obvious question that is important to ask.

If your Business Coach doesn’t know his way around the latest in-the-cloud bookkeeping and accounting systems, you are talking to the wrong person.

Although most businesses have their own accountant or accounting team, an Expert Business Coach does not replace your accountant, they are there to compliment your accountant.

Most accountants will review your Business Accounts, Profit and Loss Report and Balance Sheet, once per quarter or once per year.

In most cases, business is fluid, and circumstances can change quickly.

Expenses can spiral out of control, and sales can drop months before your next Profit and Loss review with your accountant.

Your Business Coach can review you active accounting files, and keep you on track in between those visits to your accountant.

Business Coach Question #5

“What Experience Have You Got With Starting And Selling A Business?”

Great question…

Working with a Business Coach who has started his or her own Business from Scratch, is going to give you an added advantage.

They will understand the risk involved to start your a business, because they have done exactly the same in their own business journey.

… And then, when it comes time to “cash-out” and list your business for sale, you want a Business Coach who has also sold a Business to help you negotiate with a Business Broker to get a win/win for you and the prospective buyer

Never underestimate your ability to learn how to negotiate from your Business Coach.

Business Coach Question #6

“Can You Help Me Setup My CRM System?”

CRM System is a shortened version of Customer Relationship Management System.

A modern CRM System is an “in-the-cloud” application which is like a virtual filing cabinet. It allows you to keep file notes, tasks, and communications on your prospects, customers, clients and raving fans.

A CRM System is essential for Marketing and Sales Alignment within the Digital Age.

It also helps you to sift and sort your list of contacts into “sub-lists” and “hyper-active contacts” who are engaging more with your content, emails and information.

Your Business Coach must possess a sound knowledge of setting up modern CRM Systems which will streamline the way you communicate to your databases and in turn, increase monthly sales.

Business Coach Question #7

“Will You Provide High Level Strategy?”

Your Business Coach must provide High Level Strategy.

One of my mentors used to say “Cameron, Small Hinges Swing Big Doors”… and what he meant by that was that the right strategy can open up a flood of new business.

But don’t make the mistake of mixing up Strategy with a Tactic.

A tactic is a one-time move. A single play if you like.

An example of a Tactic is using LeadAds on Facebook.

That’s only one single Tactic… but the most important thing would be the overall STRATEGY behind the Tactic.

What message are we going to lead with on the Facebook LeadAds?

What is the call to action?

What Funnel will prospects go into after they complete the LeadAd?

Do you have a Value Ladder to ascend your customers and clients into?

Once all these types of questions have been discussed then a plan of action can be created to implement the process.

That is the difference between Tactics and Strategies.

Business Coach Question #8

“Do You Provide Training With Implementing Marketing Automation?”


In modern day marketing, your Business Coach must have a clear understanding on Marketing Automation and how to implement it in your business effectively, so that you can increase conversions, streamline your business, and drive up profits.

Marketing Automation is constantly changing and evolving… it can include the following:

  • Automating your Paid Advertising with Re-Marketing
  • Automating your Email Marketing
  • Automating your Product Ordering
  • Automating your SMS Marketing
  • Automating your Business Workflow
  • Automating your Sales Pipeline
  • Automating your Marketing Funnels
  • Automating your Client Onboarding
  • Automating your online training
  • Automating your Social Media Marketing

Business Coach Question #9

“Can You Help With Google AdWords?”

A Business Coach with hands on experience with Google AdWords is worth their weight in gold, because people searching on Google are more highly qualified and are typically closer to the buying cycle.

A Business Coach with Google AdWords Certification and Experience, will save you thousands of dollars per month in Digital Agency management fees, which you can re-invest straight back into your Paid Advertising on Google AdWords to increase your Marketing ROI.

Business Coach Question #10

“Can You Help With Facebook Advertising?”

With 80% of any population using Facebook up to 8 times per day, there’s a very likely chance that your target market and ideal buyer persona is on Facebook too!

A Business Coach that is a Facebook Ads Manager and knows his or her way around the Facebook Marketing Platform is a valuable asset to your business.

They will be able to help you with the following Facebook Advertising Campaigns:

  • Facebook Traffic Ads
  • Facebook Video View Ads
  • Facebook LeadAds
  • Facebook Messenger Ads
  • Facebook Custom Audience Ads
  • Facebook Look-A-Like Audience Ads

Like with Google AdWords, the money you save by not paying a Digital Marketing Agency management fees – you can invest straight into your Facebook Paid Advertising Campaigns.

Listen to the Podcast below on Long Play VS Short Play Facebook Advertising Strategies.

Key points include:

– Branding vs Direct Response

– Direct Response Mechanisms

– The purpose of radio advertising

– Creating “High Walls and Clear Pathways”

– And more…

Business Coach Question #11

“Can You help With Creating An Inbound Marketing Plan?”

The Inbound Marketing methodology of Attract, Convert, Sell and Serve is Customer centric.

Every piece of content that you create must have your ideal Buyer Persona in mind.

Your Business Coach must have an extensive knowledge on Inbound Marketing and more importantly, he or she must be able to help you implement it into your business.

This will allow you to improve your rankings on Goggle and Bing whilst getting more online leads, phone enquires and website forms filled out without spending $1 on paid advertising.

See the image below of my Inbound Marketing Flywheel Model:

Business Coach Cameron Roberts - Flywheel

Business Coach Question #12

“Can You Provide Feedback On My Copywriting?”

Copywriting is “Salesmanship” on paper…

It’s the “MESSAGE” part of the Market-Message-Media Match (See video below)

A great business coach understands the power of Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting for Small to Medium Businesses.

Business that turnover under $2Million don’t have the luxury to pay for PR and Branding like large corporations like McDonalds and Coke.

This is why Direct Response Marketing with Sales Copywriting is the preferred Marketing Media for Small to Medium Businesses.

This type of marketing finds the lowest hanging fruit and makes an offer to them that’s too good to refuse.

Your Business Coach must be able to help you improve your copywriting skills on the following:

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Sales Letters
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Paid Ads Headings and Text
  • Landing Page Headings and Text

Business Coach Question #13

“Do You Know How To Build A Sales Funnel?”

In the information age, buyers are in complete control of the buying cycle.

They come armed into your business with everything they need to know to make a buying decision.

To make matters worse – many of these buyers have a system for “not buying”

This is why it is essential that you build out, and implement Sales Funnels in your business.

A Sales Funnel takes back control of the Buying Cycle without the prospect even knowing what’s happening.

A Sales Funnel also does all the “heavy lifting” for you with your marketing, so when it comes to closing the deal, you won’t feel like you have to be pushy to get the sale.

Always align yourself with a Business Coach who has built and implemented 100’s of Sales Funnels across many different industries.

Selecting a Business Coach who understands Sales Funnels at a high level puts you years in front of your competitors.

Business Coach Question #14

“Can You Help Me With Our Sales Enablement?”

Sales Enablement is where you equip and empower your sales people with online tools, templated messages, script snippets, email templates, sales scripts and sales automation to make the selling process more effective.

This leads to the buying cycle becoming shorter and the sales person is able to close them faster on one of your products or services.

Any Business Coach who is not skilled at improving the Sales Enablement in your business is letting you down and causing you to miss out on improving your cash-flow.

Business Coach Question #15

“Do You Coach Over The Internet Or Phone?”

In the digital age, most Business Coaching is done over the internet using online tools like Teamwork, Zoom Meetings, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Some clients still prefer to use the phone, but the internet is so powerful for sharing screens and documents live during the coaching calls.

Calls and coaching over the internet can also be recorded and stored for you to review at any other time in the future when you need to reference and review the coaching session.

Business Coach Question #16

“Do You Have A SYSTEM For Success?”

An expert Business Coach will have a formula for success.

There’s an old saying that “Success Leaves Clues” – and what that means to you when selecting a Business Coach to work with is this…

Look at their previous results in life.

What else have they been successful at?

I know in my life, before I got into Business Coaching, I was a professional swimming and triathlon coach.

In a 7 year period I coached over 150 State Medallists and 30 National Medallists. I also coached over 30 Ironman Triathletes to the finish line – many of them in their best times.

From there I then went on to open my own business. That business become so successful that it won more awards of its kind, than any of our competitors combined.

From there, I then started Business Coaching and Consulting.

This lead to me speaking on stages throughout Australia and hosting my own popular Podcast Show.

I’ve since trained 1000’s of business owner from throughout the globe, in every type of industries that you could imagine.

Success leaves clues!

Business Coach Question #17

“Would You Be Interested In Profit Share?”


When I work with business owners, sometimes they offer me a Profit Share in their business in return for reduced monthly coaching fees.

Personally, I’ve got no problem backing myself as a Business Coach… but your business model has to be solid and you have to prove to me that you are 100% committed towards growing your business by 50%, 100% or even 200% over the next 6 to 12 months.

Business Coach Question #18

“Will You Keep Me Accountable With KPI’s?”

Your Business Coach must have a SYSTEM with monthly KPI’s for you to achieve.

Without KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) you can’t begin to achieve your monthly revenue targets and profitability goals.

Likewise, when we work with clients we set them up with their own KPI sheets. A a result, they must complete each month.

This shows how committed they are and what areas we need to focus on in the weeks and months ahead.

Business Coach Question #19

“Do You Have Any Testimonials or Recommendations?”

Check your Business Coach’s Testimonials pages… are there Business Owners listed there that have achieved the same results that you have achieved?

What people say about you is one thing… what others say about you is another whole level.

Look for a Business Coach that has hundreds of written testimonials and recommendations from his clients and raving fans.

Check out some of my testimonials from some of my Business Coaching Clients:

Coach Cameron is a Valuable Asset to any Business

Having been involved with both Kerwin Rae and Business Coach Cameron Roberts, I can say they are both fantastic operators as I have worked with both of them extensively.

The main point of difference Cameron brings to the table from any other speaker or guru, is around the area of “Done-With-You” Marketing and Sales Enablement. He’s not only a marketing and sales consultant that offers advice and expertise, he is “hands on” and can personally show you how to build your projects.

When you are a client of Cameron’s you know he is the one that is personally working on your campaign projects and digital marketing assets. He is an excellent copywriter, an expert at marketing automation and certified at bringing Traffic to your site via Google or Facebook. This makes Coach Cameron a valuable asset to any business in the digital age.”Trent Giumelli. Giumelli Property Group. Property Developer. Investment Property Mentor

Coach Cameron has an uncanny ability to plug up the holes in your funnel

“After working in this business for three years I never realised how blinded i was as to how many gaps we had in our sales process and marketing pipeline until I had a talk to Coach Cameron – he has an almost uncanny ability to plug up the holes in your funnel. I would highly recommend any sales team or business owner to talk to Coach Cameron about fixing their funnel and taking their business to the next level.” Chris Asanopoulos Healthy Coffee Australasia


Nate Yeske – “Cameron Changed the way I think about money, I have a different view on sales and really changed the way I approach business thanks to Cameron”


Dr. Evan Soulos“We grew from $30k per month to $60k per Month, thanks to Cameron”


Nick Upton – “We doubled our Swim School Sales thanks to Cameron”

Business Coach Question #20

“How Does Your Business Coaching Program Work?”

Have your Business Coach clearly explain how the Business Coaching program is going to work.

Your program should include the following:

  • Weekly on-demand training for you to review and study at your own pace
  • Two Weekly Group Coaching calls to get your biggest questions answered
  • One to One strategic consulting and implementation calls to focus privately on your own business goals and income objectives.
  • Additional support throughout the week via other social media tools like Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

Business Coach Question #21

“How Do I Get Started?”

For reasons already discussed here, working with a Business Coach is smart idea in today’s hyper-competitive environment.

Likewise, an expert Business Coach gives you the edge that you are looking for. This edge allows you to grow your business and increase market share.

Consequently an expert Business Coach, I tick all the boxes in these “21 Questions To Ask Your Business Coach”.  Furthermore you will be working with someone that has ability to help you reach your business goals faster than you previously thought possible.

When we work with Business Coaching clients, the first step we take is booking in their initial high-level strategic planning day or online consultation.

This first step then sets the goals and objectives for the next 30, 60 and 90 days.

If you’re serious about growing your business and want to know more – reach out to me here or click the image below


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