Ep: 110 Expert Interview with Tim Fargo

Ep: 110 Expert Interview with Tim Fargo

Join us for this week’s special Expert Interview with Tim Fargo

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​Cam Roberts ​Podcast Show: Ep-110 Join us for this week’s special Expert Interview with Tim Fargo by Business Growth Strategist & Direct Response Internet Marketing Consultant, Cam Roberts. ​#OnDeckWithCoachCameron. ​Podcast Time 34.27​min​ in Total.

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Tune in as Tim and Cam discuss:

– Why Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing is all about Engagement
– How to “Human-ize” your brand and connect with your audience
– How to find out what CONTENT people are searching for
– Why adding massive value is so important in Content Marketing
– The exact steps for building a Loyal Following
– “Your Content” VS “Other People’s Content” – which is best?
– The top 3 mistakes to avoid in your Social Media Content Marketing
– The Social Media Trends over the next 2 years – what you need to know
– Plus more…



Tim Fargo is an American author, keynote speaker, angel investor and entrepreneur.

Tim Fargo has authored two books, the first book Alphabet Success was published in 2013 distilled the lessons of his journey from bankruptcy in 1991 to the founding and growth of Omega Insurance Services. The book focuses on the key aspects of his past that drove him and the business towards the goals. Fargo’s second book Claimants. Lies and Videotape – A Claim’s Handler’s Guide to Surveillance, was focused on the proper use of examination and techniques in detecting and documenting insurance fraud.

In 2015, Tim launched a new startup called Tweet Jukebox, now called Social Jukebox, which is an application and service designed to assist with scheduling​ ​social media posts which has garnered attention from Forbes Inc and Social Media Examiner.

Social Jukebox is the best time saving social media too l and it also completely automates your social posting. You don’t have to touch a thing. (PS – to make it super easy to start out, we even give you a FREE Jukebox with 200 quotes for you to try out.)

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