Ep: 124 Expert Podcast Interview With Rich Allen

Episode 124: Expert Podcast Interview WithĀ Rich Allen

“Rich AllenĀ – The Ultimate Business Tune Up”

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Episode 124: “The Ultimate Business Tune Up” – expert Podcast interview with Rich Allen. #ondeckwithcam Podcast Time 34:43 min in Total.

Listen now or Download using the links above. Cameron’s guest speaker today is Rich Allen fromĀ //tourdeprofit.com/

Rich AllenĀ is a Business Advisor, Author, Speaker, Facilitator Rich is on a mission. His primary mission and purpose are focused on oneĀ single objective ā€“ to put an end to small business failure! Everything he does is centered around his passion ā€“ to drive the failure rate of smallĀ business to ZERO. It all started with his fatherā€™s family-owned business. Rich watched his Dad struggle, trying to make his business work, and ultimately losing his family, his wife and his dreams of success. Since then, Rich has been a student of business and has learned many lessons while having a successful career in both large and small companies including running and growing a manufacturing business to well over $100M in annual revenues. Today Rich works one-to-one with small business owners to tackle the challenges they face in todayā€™s competitive marketplace.

Key show note points include:

  • How any small business can go from “making ends meet” to Highly Profitable in a short amount of time
  • Why your Business Structure can 10x your results and TRANSFORM your Sales
  • Why every business needs to have “BRAKES” that control your financials
  • Why your business needs at least 5 or 6 ways to acquire new clients so you can thrive in tough times
  • How to get the ATTENTION of the people you want to speak to most… your ideal customers and clients!

And moreā€¦


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