Ep: 131 Expert Podcast Interview with Molly Montgomery

Molly Montgomery

Ep: 131 Expert Podcast Interview with Molly Montgomery

Episode 131: Expert Podcast Interview With Molly Montgomery

“Molly Montgomery – start-up growth strategist and mentor to high performing founders and visionary leaders.”
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Episode 131: “Start-up growth strategist and mentor to high performing founders and visionary leaders” – expert Podcast interview with Molly Montgomery. #ondeckwithcam Podcast Time 21:17 min in Total.

Listen now or Download using the links above. Cameron’s guest speaker today is Molly Montgomery from //www.foundershaven.com/


Molly Montgomery is a start-up growth strategist and mentor to high performing founders and visionary leaders.

She helps founders grow or scale their company with confidence and peace-of-mind. She is the creator of Founder’s Haven, the first resource of its kind that helps high performing founders stay connected to their greatest potential while helping alleviate the immense pressure that comes along with being the creator of a high-growth company. The driving force behind a start-up’s ability to succeed is in the founder’s capacity to evolve, personally and professionally, while actively leading their company through its early stages of growth.

Founder’s Haven helps founders stay in alignment and ahead of the game, fuelling them with joy and fulfilment in their entrepreneurial journey, which directly impacts the success of their company and everyone involved. Molly’s unique approach to mindset training brings immediate relief to the anxiety and overwhelm that is so common among high performing founders, helping them stay connected to their creative energy.

Molly received her Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Radford University, and her Master’s degree in taxation from Arizona State University. She is a CPA by trade, and spent over a decade in a career in public accounting, providing audit, advisory and forensic investigative services to corporations of all sizes and in various stages of growth. Molly is also the founder of FH Consulting (previously Ascension), a boutique consulting firm that provides outsourced CFO services to high growth start-ups.

Key show note points include:

  • Why many companies leave it too late to scale their Business
  • Discover what is the #1 Thing you can do to create joy in your career or workplace
  • The 3 simply steps for staying at the top of your game
  • Why there is a direct link to physical endurance and physical health and why that translates into Mental Health
  • The unique approach to mindset training to bring immediate relief to anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • The first step to reaching your goals within the next 6 to 12 months
  • Why hustling and grinding 24/7 365 days a year is not sustainable
  • The power of staying centred to increase daily performance

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