Ep: 134 Expert Podcast Interview with Warren Black

Warren Black - Tax Specialist

Episode 134: Expert Podcast Interview With Warren Black


“Warren Black – Australian and International Tax Specialist.”
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Episode 134: “Australian and International Tax Specialist” – expert Podcast interview with Warren Black. #ondeckwithcam Podcast Time 33:32 min in Total.

Listen now or Download using the links above. Cameron’s guest speaker today is Warren Black from //www.wealthsafe.com.au


Warren is an international tax specialist who is passionate about freeing business owners and investors from unjust taxes 100% legally. In Warren’s own words, his mission is to “help his clients slash their tax 100% legally.

In Warren’s own words, his mission is to “help his clients slash their tax 100% legally and keep greedy golddiggers far from their hard-earned wealth so they won’t reap where they have not sown … ”

Warren has a particular expertise in offshore tax planning, and higher level Australian tax structuring for small to medium business owners.

Warren’s goal is to help his clients become sovereign, that is, financially independent through wise investing, and minimising tax is an essential part of this. In fact, in April 2016, Peter Martin in the Sydney Morning Herald noted that of the 56 richest people in Australia, only 2 of them paid tax … yet paid over $1 million to their tax advisors. This says a lot!

Warren also runs a high level mastermind to help people minimise tax and structure themselves overseas and ultimately, become sovereign, investing in the best opportunities and paying the lowest possible tax rate.


Key show note points include:

  • Be counter-intuitive
  • What is Tax Structuring?
  • What is the Magic number to avoid Tax?
  • Why are other accountants different?
  • How to avoid losing your business to tax
  • What is Crypto-Currency
  • How to get started with Crypto-Currency

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