Ep: 140 Expert Podcast Interview with Tevya Washburn

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Ep: 140 Expert Podcast Interview with Tevya Washburn
#ondeckwithcam Podcast Time 21:23 min in Total.

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In today’s podcast episode Cam talks about Why Complacency if your Enemy in Business

Tevya Washburn runs WordXpress, a WordPress maintenance and support company. Tevya has been building, designing, maintaining, supporting, and marketing WordPress websites for nearly a decade. Since starting his WordPress website business, he’s bought out two other companies, brought-on and later bought-out a partner, rebranded, pivoted his company’s core business model, and started a sister company based on the needs of his WordXpress members.

Key show note points include:

  • Why WordPress is such a powerful Website Platform
  • What the biggest design mistakes people are making with their websites
  • How to avoid your WordPress Website being Hacked and Attacked
  • Why page load speed is EVERYTHING and how to speed up your website
  • The #1 Thing that SLOWS DOWN your website loading speed – avoid this at all costs
  • What measures you can take if you suspect your WordPress Website is under-performing
  • Plus much more…

For more information, contact Tevya at his business website: //wordx.press/

The following websites were discussed during the podcast interview:

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