Ep: 142 Expert Podcast Interview with Mark Firth

Ep: 142 Expert Podcast Interview with Mark Firth

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Ep: 142 Expert Podcast Interview with Mark Firth
#ondeckwithcam Podcast Time 20:25 min in Total.

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In today’s podcast episode Cam interviews a Leading Linkedin Expert on “How To Get Non-Stop New Clients on LinkedIn”

Mark Firth is the CEO founder of the Linkedprenuers. After spending 15 years in B2B sales working for companies like IBM, Siemens, and start-ups, he started his own company to help professionals who sell to other business owners, acquire more clients using LinkedIn.

His mission is to make sure business owners know exactly where their next client is coming from, that they have a B2B sales and marketing system based around LinkedIn that will consistently and predictable produce new qualified and interested prospects and then a system that allows them to easily convert new clients.

Mark lives in Colombia with his family.

Key show note points include:

  • Why LinkedIn is so powerful for Generating Leads, Booking Appointments and Acquiring Customers compared to many other online strategies for B2B’s.
  • How to identify, find and attract your ideal client on LinkedIn
  • How to generate multiple conversations with new potential clients in just 2 weeks
  • Why Content Marketing on LinkedIn is THE KEY to positioning your brand and your business
  • The #1 thing to remember when planning your LinkedIn Marketing
  • Why Video on LinkedIn is changing the way B2B’s communicate with their audience.
  • The biggest mistakes people are making with their LinkedIn Marketing
  • What the LinkedIn Trends are for the future and how you can use them to your advantage
  • Plus much more…

For more information, contact Mark at his business website: www.markfirthonline.com

You can also download a copy of Mark’s FREE Guide “The 3 Step Sales Process to Acquire Non-Stop New Clients on LinkedIn” – which you can download here

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