Ep: 149 Expert Podcast Interview with Terry Ogburn

Ep: 149 Expert Podcast Interview with Terry Ogburn

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Terry Ogburn is the renowned owner and Lead Business Coach of Ogburn’s Business Solutions. His proprietary coaching system and personal devotion to the development of others have contributed to the success of hundreds of small to large business ventures.

Terry began his business career in 1979 when he invested his last $118.42 to start an air conditioning service business. At that time, he had no car or truck, but he did have the knowledge and ability to build relationships. By 1983, he was a top 5 nominee for Small Businessman of the Year.

Key show note points include:

  • The ONE Question you should ask to overcome objections
  • How to get the attention of your ideal clients and get them opening 100% of your marketing messages
  • Discover WHY you need a SYSTEM for growing your business
  • How to create $1M worth of NEW work simply by asking for it
  • Why SYSTEMS in your business leads to increased sales

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