Ep: 153 Expert Podcast Interview with Steve Plummer

Ep: 153 Expert Podcast Interview with Steve Plummer

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Ep: 153 Expert Podcast Interview with Steven Plummer #ondeckwithcam Podcast Time 41min:49sec in Total.

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Steve Plummer – Marketing Strategist, Marketing, Coach, Sales Language Expert, Speaker.

Learn more about Steve at symmetrymarketing.com.au


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Steve is a master in the art of marketing strategy and sales language. He has consulted to and written promotions for just about every type of business from start-ups to major national speaker tours and even the corporate world where an ASX listed top 200 company retained his services for more than 18 months.

He has devised the strategy and written copy that has produced sales in the 10s of millions of dollars.

Some recent examples include:

  • A promotion for a Perth-based real estate company which sold $5 million + worth of properties via a webinar
  • The first sale for a Coffs Harbour start-up company in the ultra-competitive renewable energy space which landed them a $150,000 deal
  • Copy to fill a webinar for an international speaker which totalled 5,000+ registrants, believed to be a record in this space
  • Tripled the number of leads for a Gold Coast decking company thanks to a re-crafted sales message and follow up funnel
  • A sales letter for a state-based RSPCA (animal welfare organization) which raised over $125,000 in just two weeks to a list considered “tapped out”)

He regularly runs training courses teaching the discipline of marketing and the art of sales language aka copywriting.

A former high school Head of Faculty and Deputy Principal, Steve is widely regarded as a gifted and intuitive teacher who loves nothing more than mentoring others – from the stage, in small groups, or live online – to bring out their brilliance and genius. He also regularly runs training courses teaching the art of sales language.

Key show note points include:

  • The Ancient HEADLINE Formula used for a Webinar that almost broke the Internet.
  • How to discover the WORDS that attract your ideal customers.
  • The Direct Mail System and why it is STILL Working and HOW to use it effectively.
  • Where the BIGGEST Marketing Opportunities are for your business.
  • The Three QUESTIONS you must ask yourself before you launch or sell any new product or service.

To access Steve’s special gift go to www.wordstoprofit.com.au use wtp150 to get $150 off

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