Ep: 167 Expert Podcast Interview With Leadership Coach, Lynda Tregoweth

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Ep: 167 Expert Podcast Interview With Leadership Coach, Lynda Tregoweth

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Episode: 167 Expert Podcast Interview With Leadership Coach, Lynda Tregoweth

#ondeckwithcam Podcast Time 28.37min in Total.

Authentic Leadership for your life and career

Lynda works with leaders, entrepreneurs and passionate individuals who want to take charge of their goals in career, love, and life.

Her background is in senior leadership roles in the media, in marketing as well as across the telco and finance industries in Australia, NZ, and the UK.

The move into coaching was a clear choice for Lynda after working in organisations that were constantly restructuring impacting how people felt about their world.

Key Podcast Episode Show Notes:

  • The biggest challenges Leaders are facing in the workplace today
  • How do Leaders help individuals in their team who are facing modern-day stress and strain in their jobs
  • How do organisations and leaders know when it is time to strategic change culture
  • What impact plans, goals and values make on individuals and teams
  • How Leaders and employees can get connected with their own values and the work they are actually doing
  • How to get clear on what you desire in your life and career
  • Why thinking small could be holding you back

While Lynda has enjoyed working with big corporates like the Royal Bank of Scotland, Telstra, NAB, Bupa, Telecom NZ, and the government, working with passionate, creative people is what really lights her fire. Lynda now works with clients all over the world and is recognised for her leadership training as well as her pragmatic approach to business and life.

Lynda is a qualified coach, NLP practitioner, Matrix Therapist, Reiki practitioner, and has higher education in leadership and management, human resources, business strategy, project and change management. Lynda brings together her education and experience to facilitate the best outcome for her clients.

Lynda says that authentic leadership in all facets of our lives creates an ecosystem of attraction whereby we work and play with people who are in alignment with us. In business, it is this point of difference that leaders can use to make a world of difference for their customers and people. In life, it is the key to successful relationships.

Reach out to Lynda at //www.lyndatregoweth.com/

Connect with Lynda on LinkedIn //www.linkedin.com/in/lyndatregoweth/

Have your best year yet, with clarity and authenticity, by booking a free 45 minute Step Up Focus Coaching Session: //www.lyndatregoweth.com/cam-roberts-podcast

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