Ep: 180 Expert Podcast Interview With Travis Believes

Cam Roberts Podcast Show with Travis Believes

Ep: 180 Expert Podcast Interview With Travis Believes

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Episode: 180, Expert Podcast Interview Travis Believes – CEO of Innerlight Media.

About Travis Believes

Travis is a social media strategist adept in creating viral content for influencers and brands, specifically in the motivational and entrepreneur space. He has been working in social media content creation and strategy consistently since 2010, perfecting the algorithms of various social media platforms and staying up to day on all the changes.

Travis has worked with Tom Bilyeu, Jay Shetty, Lewis Howes, Prince Ea, and others. His motto is: Knowledge is the new entertainment; Integrity is the new currency.

Travis says: “I specifically like working with businesses and entrepreneurs with positive and life-affirming messages because I believe that is the basis of helping all people. We want to help people get those messages out to millions of people. I began this journey years ago because I come from a past of lack. I grew up in children’s homes, poverty, and very violent neighborhoods. But if I had the type of life-giving messages that I help create now then that would have helped me and a lot of other people go in the right direction early on.”

You can learn more about Travis at //www.innerlightsocial.com/ and connect with him on Linkedin at //www.linkedin.com/in/travisbelieves/

#ondeckwithcam Podcast Time 24:21sec in Total.

Key broadcast topics include:

  • Keys to make your videos viral
  • Best social media platforms to start with when posting your videos
  • How to be “platform-specific” when posting on different social media sites
  • How to build your audience when you’re just getting started
  • The influence of videos in content marketing 3-5 years from now

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