Ep: 85 Why Website Traffic Is Not Important

Ep: 85 Why Website Traffic Is Not Important

Why Website Traffic Is Not Important

#OnDeckWithCoachCameron – Podcast Show: Ep 85 Why Website Traffic Is Not Important by Coach Cameron Roberts 15min Podcast.

So you’ve got a website. Now what?

You want heaps of traffic right?


It’s a common mistake many people make with their online marketing strategy.

They get all caught up and blocked up about Website Traffic – unfortunately the last time I checked, Website Traffic never made anyone any money!!! (well except for those folks that send you the spammy emails each month promising heaps of traffic with some sort of new seo strategy or traffic getting system)

The inconvenient truth is – you can get 30,000 people to visit your website in a couple of days – But if none of them fill out any forms you won’t begin to monetise that traffic.

Tune in with Leading Sales Strategist and Digital Marketing Consultant, Coach Cameron Roberts as he explains Why Website Traffic is Not Important – and what you MUST be focussed on instead!”

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