Ep: 95 Get The Big Rocks Done First

Ep: 95 Get The Big Rocks Done First

Get The Big Rocks Done First

Business, Success and Marketing strategies for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners – Podcast Show: EPISODE 95 Get The Big Rocks Done First by Sales Strategist & Direct Response Internet Marketing Consultant, Cam Roberts. Podcast Time in total 7.38min.

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I don’t know about you – but I am over the high number folks on Facebook Live Videos telling me how to make 2017 great! Telling me to set my goals, change my mindset or condition myself for wealth by “thinking positively”

In my experience, it takes more than setting a goal to create success.

Personally, to get to another level in life and business – I need to take action. But it’s not taking action on anything that gets results… For example watching TV is taking action, but that’s not going to help me get to another level.

Listen to this 7.38min podcast episode to find out why you MUST get your BIG ROCKS done first if you want to be more successful in the months and years ahead!

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