Ep: 96 The 5 Costly Referral Program Mistakes

Ep: 96 The 5 Costly Referral Program Mistakes

The 5 Costly Referral Program Mistakes

Business, Success and Marketing strategies for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners – EPISODE 96 The 5 Costly Referral Program Mistakes by Sales Strategist & Direct Response Internet Marketing Consultant, Cam Roberts. Podcast Time in total 16.07min.

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Successful business owners and entrepreneurs understand that it takes time, patience and consistency to build a popular and thriving brand. Rome they say was not built in a day. If you are truly prepared to succeed as an entrepreneur or a business owner, you need to stop looking for a get-rich-quick schemes and being attracted to “bright shiny objects”.

You must dedicate the required time and effort to build your business and set yourself up for success. The truth is that success comes to those in business that master the fundamentals of sales and marketing. The fundamentals of sales and marketing in your business will make all the difference to what you do.

In the case of many of our top level platinum clients, that’s actually what we do for them. We become the masters of fundamentals for them and we help them with their sales and marketing and “do-it-for-them” or coach them so they can “do-it-themselves”

One of the fundamentals though that you need to have right in your business, is how to tons of red hot referrals. How to get people giving you referrals so you can double your business and grow your business quickly?

A Fundamental In Any Business Should Be A Dynamic Referral System.

A working referral system is the closely guarded secret behind the success of many established and successful businesses across the globe.

Listen to this 16.07min podcast episode to find out why you MUST create a systematic Referral Program in your business and how to avoid The 5 Biggest Referral Program Mistakes.

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