Ep: 97 Business Systems For Success

Business Systems For Success

Business, Success and Marketing strategies for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners – EPISODE 97 Business Systems For Success by Sales Strategist & Direct Response Internet Marketing Consultant, Cam Roberts. Podcast Time in total 26.06min.

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Whether you are starting a new business or whether you are already in business – to achieve your financial and goals faster you must begin with the end in mind.

It’s called reverse engineering.

This means that you must conduct your business with all it’s systems and operations in place before you start pitching to prospects or selling to customers.

I can remember the first business I ever started.

My wife and I planned the whole thing out on paper before we even open the doors for trading.

  • We had business plans but we had no business.
  • We had a full list of products and services but no one to buy them.
  • We prepared employee training protocols but had no employees yet.
  • We created marketing systems and operation systems even though there was no one to follow it yet.

Listen to this 26.06 min podcast episode to find out how Reverse Engineering and Creating Systems will help you achieve your business, sales and financial goals faster!

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