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Do you have hacks, strategies or tips to share with the world on the topics of Business, Sales, Success, Leadership or Marketing?

Share your passion, promote your book/service or educate & empower others with your knowledge…

As a guest on my weekly Podcast Show “ON DECK WITH COACH CAMERON” you will be featured promoted for you throughout our own Email List, Website, Twitter Accounts, Linkedin Account, Blog Sites, Facebook Business Pages, and Google Plus Pages.

This process gives you, the guest – great exposure!

Post Interview – you will be given the show links for you to share with your own fans, followers and connections on your own database and your own social media channels.

When lining up times – I am based in Sydney, Australia. Our time zone is AEST.  //www.timebie.com/timelocal/australianeasterndaylight.php

However if you are based topside (as opposed to “downunder”!) I can book a time around your schedule and time zone – just let me know.

Click the button below to apply – looking forward to interviewing you soon…

Coach Cameron Roberts