How Much Does Business Coaching Cost

How Much Does Business Coaching Cost?

If you’re a small to medium business owner that’s looking for Business Coaching, the most obvious question to ask is “How Much Does A Business Coach Cost?”

The Business Coaching industry has its share of“One-Size-Fits-All” seminars and online programs from $3,000 to $30,000 per year.

Business Coaching Programs Are Different

The problem with these“One-Size-Fits-All” seminar and online program models is that when you are asking “How Much Does A Business Coach Cost”, you can’t compare them with one another, because no-two businesses are alike.

Here are a couple of examples of why every business is different:

  • The brand is different
  • The people in the business are different
  • The location of the business is different
  • The products the business sells are different
  • The sales process is different
  • The values and culture of the business is different
  • The leadership style of the business is different
  • The monthly sales goals are different

Because of these differences, a “One-Size-Fits-All” Business Coaching Program cannot be effective for your business goals and objectives.

They have been created for a mass market to roll out to unsuspecting business owners that are in some cases desperate to improve their business.

The other challenge you’ll face when shopping around for a Business Coach, is the different types of coaching services offered.

Business Coaching Services Are Different

When it comes to the actual delivery of the Business Coaching Program, there are also many different Business Coaching Services

These different types of services can include:

  • One to One Personalised Business Coaching
  • Online Group Business Coaching
  • Monthly Webinar Business Coaching
  • Business Coaching with Marketing Implementation Support
  • Business Coaching with Sales Enablement Support
  • Business Coaching with Technology Support
  • Business Coaching 3-Day Seminars and Events
  • Business Coaching 1-Day Workshops or Boardroom Training
  • Business Coaching Home Study Courses

Before you ask your Business Coach how much they cost, you should ask them if they are qualified and experienced to work with you.

Ask them about their expertise in modern day marketing strategies and sales enablement.

Ask them if they will help you with all four stages of the Flywheel… Attract, Convert, Sell, and Serve.

Here are 21 questions to ask your prospective business coach

Every Business Coach is Different

Even as you start shopping around for a Business Coach, you’ll notice that their individual strengths are worlds apart.

Do you want a Business Coach that is more like your accountant and falls in love with your Profit and Loss statement and your Balance Sheet?

Do you want a Business Coach that can give you an edge with your Internet Marketing?

Do you want a Business Coach that can help you Convert more customers because they are skilled at overcoming objections and understand selling in the real world?

Not All Business Coaches Are Equal

These are the different types of Business Coaches you can work with:

  • A Business Coach who knows how to start a business from scratch
  • A Business Coach who knows how to sell a business for a profit
  • A Business Coach who can help transform your business
  • A Business Coach who can help you implement Facebook Ads
  • A Business Coach who can help you implement Google Ads
  • A Business Coach who can help you create Sales Funnels
  • A Business Coach who can help you with Direct Marketing
  • A Business Coach who can help you with Inbound Marketing
  • A Business Coach who can help you with your Marketing Automation
  • A Business Coach who can help you with your CRM Systems

Once you determine the type of Business Coaching Program you are looking for and the type of experience in Sales and Marketing you expect your coach to possess, then you can start thinking about the monthly amount of money you want to invest.


In my life, I’ve found that cheap is not always good… especially when it comes to something as personal as coaching.

While some speakers in the USA command in excess of $50,000 day for a Business Coaching gig – you are more likely to be working with a Business Coach that has a monthly program between $1000 and $3500 per month.

This is a very reasonable return when you consider a Business Coach who knows what he or she is doing can quickly help you improve your business by at least 10% to 25% within the

Any lower than that and you’ll simply not be attracting the best type of coach to help you achieve your goals quickly.

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