Client Onboarding Thankyou

Thank you for Completing the Client On-Boarding questionnaire.

This helps us set expectations and gets your program up and running quickly.

Here’s the next 7 Steps:

Step 1:

Your next step is to book your first “One-to-One Consultation” with me.

This will take place online using Go-To-Meeting. You can also dial in on a phone.

Follow this link to book your “One-to-One Consultation” time in my diary. 

Keep the above URL handy. If you are a Platinum or Diamond Client – you’ll also use the same link to book your Monthly “One-to-One” Mentoring Sessions with me. (Monthly Mentoring not included in Custom Project Builds)

Step 2:

Provide us with a Database List of current clients that you have permission to send email marketing to.

Must be Saved as a .CSV file inside our shared Dropbox File – Download your .CSV file here.

Use the above file for preparing Database for your Email Marketing using Infusionsoft.

Remember if you have Different SEGMENTS of your Database – provide them as Different .CSV Files.

Please place the completed .CSV Document/s in Dropbox.

Step 3:

If we haven’t already – we will be sending you a Dropbox Account invite so we can share files in the cloud.

Dropbox APP is also available on Smartphone and Tablet Devices plus a Desktop version that syncs back into the cloud.

Watch the video below.

Step 4:

Then you will receive a invitiation from us. This is so we can keep track of all communication inside TeamWork about your projects.

Please check with our team before you create new TASKS in – the TASK section is for us. You’ll mainly use messages to post messages, Notebooks to share content or information and links to URL’s.

As a Platinum, Diamond or Custom Build Client – you receive a priority response from me via email but please only email me about matters relating to your business – like business advice, mentoring or want to run an idea by me. Keep all communications about your Digital Marketing projects like Website Builds, Campaign Builds, Social Media, Copywriting etc etc inside

Step 5:

If we are providing you with a new website – please select a WordPress Theme from THEMEFOREST. 

We will be using this as a platform to build and design your new website. When selecting a theme – make certain it is “mobile responsive” and you check that you are happy with both the Desktop Version and the mobile version before selecting a Theme.

Once you have a theme – Don’t Buy it – we have a THEMEFOREST account – simple go to “Live Preview” and then place that URL in the “LINKS” area of Teamwork.

Step 6:

To manage your Facebook Business Page and Google+ Business Page Accounts you’ll need to add me as an ADMINISTRATOR  – use my personal profile “CoachCameron Roberts” – // – you might have to send me a request to “like” your pages 1st, then once I “like” or “follow” – you can make me an ADMINSTRATOR – (Go to Business Page > Settings > Page Roles > Add another Person)

This is for Social Media Management. For Social Media Advertising – I will have to login directly as you – we can chat about that later if you decide to go down that track. Your details are safe with me – I never let any other team members log into your own personal facebook pages for advertising – as your credit card is linked to that account.

Step 7:

You’ll may also be working with my other team members – Klayton, Michael and Michelle.

Klayton is our Client Support Specialist. He’s like me and not because he’s my brother… he is a fully Certified Marketing Automation Consultant with Infusionsoft and he’s also a whiz at marketing automation, wordpress and social media… he works very closely with me on our Platinum, Diamond and Custom Build Client Projects.

Michael is a “ring in” – he’s not related… nice guy all the same. He helps us with Website Development and Social Media Managements. He’s the geeky coding guy of the group. We keep him in front of the computer most of the time! He’s been with us for 5 years now and has helped build 100’s of landing pages, websites and digital assets.

Michelle is the next member of our local team. Like me and Klayton, she is also a fully Certified Marketing Automation Consultant with Infusionsoft. Michelle happens to be my wife too – but she’s not just a pretty face! Michelle has helped me build and been an active director of numerous award winning, profitable businesses over the years. She has business in her blood as her own family have run successful businesses too.

Expect to speak to both Michelle and Klayton from time to time about your Projects – especially if I am away for a day or two speaking or consulting. Of course any Monthly Mentoring Calls will be with me personally. Please remember it’s your responsibility to book these in using my appointment link above in Step 1.

If you are yet to complete your copywriting questionnaire – please click here now (Please remember to email when done)

Congratulations again on becoming a Client. You’re one of a “handful” of special people that get to work with me “up-close-and-personal”…

Chat soon (-:

Regards Coach Cameron Roberts

Coach Cameron Roberts